Sports Day Picnic Panic?

Sports Day Picnic Panic?

Our school sports day always seems to come faster than it should. It historically rains and the games are abruptly ended due to these uns(r)easonable Acts of God.

In spite of this, parents are encouraged to pack a picnic, in a very optimistic bid to lobby the weather.

All the weather forecasting apps I have seem to be reliable only for a couple days into the future, so this doesn't leave much time to plan properly, and I almost always end up taking far too much stuff to be able to deal with any eventuality. Considering I need to take the train to get to the grounds, I get there exhausted at 9:45am, arms aching and cursing the British weather.

Emerald had better win! (You are discouraged for shouting out your child's name)- it is much more PC to encourage the team.....

So this year I have a plan to make the experience more relaxed come what may! (Or June, July, August).

I will get everything I need into a small rucksack, and I'm doing this by packing everything (except for the picnic blanket, thermos of hot water, sandwiches and grapes) into DoddleBags.

So what am I taking?

Instant coffee granules


Frozen water


Jelly- a finish line favourite

Sun cream- just enough for the day

Homemade juices- (made on my whizzy Sage juicer that I bought on discount from Lakeland after our Westfield Stratford in store demo. ).


For Emerald we made -

A kale and mango smoothie

Apple, cucumber, celery and ginger (could have added grapes too!)


For Ruby -

Raspberry juice


For Amber -

Mango and passion fruit smoothies


For Sapphire -

Blueberry and black currant juice


I froze the juices and labelled the DoddleBags with the house colours stickers!!



Now - I'm set.

No spoons or cutlery needed, no ice blocks, no napkins or wipes, no glasses, or cups. No mess!

And the whole lot fit into my rucksack! Only problem is that my rucksack isn’t a cool bag. Better go and buy one!

These look cool.

Cool Candy 

Cool Movers


The kids had a cool refreshment, the adults had coffee, and it was sunny enough to apply the sun cream too!



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