"Doddlebags have given me freedom of not having to carry heavy amounts of special feed around with me. I can plug them into my pump, and squeeze out the excess air, and then discreetly pop them in my handbag."






We’d like to introduce you to Holly May. Inspiring and ceaselessly positive, she has had to endure so much pain in her life. She’s the bravest person we know. We were delighted when she contacted us to tell us that DoddleBags have made a big difference to her life. Holly will be making a film about some of the challenges she faces and how DoddleBags have helped her.

Here’s a brief insight into Holly’s life.

“I started training in Taekwondo at an early age, competing around the country, gaining black belt in my teens. I regularly ran half marathons and would skydive to raise money for charity - but I have a life threatening breathing problem that nearly took my life on more than a handful of occasions. 

After going to university to study perioperative nursing, I became too ill to continue and became a pararider. To fill my void I decided an ex-race horse would give me the love I needed.

My health rapidly declined. I experienced a spinal injury, breathing difficulties and my hypermobile joints caused them to dislocate- I was very sick. I then developed chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Walking started becoming impossible for me due to pain, numbness, breathing problems and fatigue. So I've used a wheelchair now for over 10 years.

 A couple of years later, I developed gastroparesis and intestinal failure. Now I'm dependant on a feeding tube in my bowel for the rest of my life and a PEG tube to drain my stomach 24/7. My stomach is paralysed. Eating makes me sick. I cannot absorb vitamins and I'm regularly malnourished.

I'm so proud to be an ambassador for DoddleBags. They've given me a freedom I've longed for for years.“

Through your incredible generosity, we have helped Holly raise money to buy a wheelchair which is lightweight and means she can negotiate the hilly environment where she lives.