Do you want all the convenience of a shop-bought food pouch but packed with the goodness of your very own home-cooked food?

Now you can fill your DoddleBag with purées, smoothies, yoghurts; even jelly.

Anything that your baby wants to eat, just pop it in.

But the DoddleBag is not just for children. Why should they have all the fun?  

You can also use your DoddleBag to carry:     

  • Raita for your lunchtime leftover curry
  • Your famous vinaigrette to accompany a salad
  • Homemade houmous for a pitta snack attack
  • A smoothie to get your Monday off to a good start

If you want to make it, move it and then eat it – DoddleBag it! (And have you checked out our DoddleSpoon?)


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