Going Somewhere?


You can take your 100 ml DoddleBag anywhere and fill it with anything you choose. Here are just some of the many things that our DoddleFans put in their DoddleBags:

  • Homemade fruit smoothies for a post-workout treat
  • Home-cooked baby food on the go (there's a DoddleSpoon too)
  • Salad dressings to perk up lunch
  • Favourite cosmetics to work, on holidays and business trips
  • Washing up liquid when camping
  • Cream for picnic strawberries
  • Hydrating fluid for cycling
  • Arts and crafts our and about (with the clever DoddleBrush)

What do you put in your DoddleBag?  Tweet and let us know via our Facebook and Instagram page @DoddleBags 

On the go? Bag yourself...


The DoddleSpoon  Put your homemade food in to the DoddleBag, screw on the DoddleSpoon, squeeze gently and your food will appear on the spoon. Easy feeding.  

The DoddleBrush Screw the DoddleBrush on to the top of your DoddleBag and watch as your youngster paints, glues and creates without creating an almighty mess.  

NEW The DoddleDiscoveryBox *online only* All your Doddle favourites (and it will save you money).